Unmanned Vehicle​

The safe navigation of autonomous vehicles requires remote sensing and all weather perception capabilities.

With hundreds of radars in the vicinity, interference from neighboring vehicles is a big issue, leading to false alarms and degradation in sensor performance. Intentional jamming is another problem which has the ability to disrupt operation of the radar systems available on the market today. Aura’s mmWave imaging radar offers high-resolution imaging that is robust to interference or intentional jamming, and its built-in signature allows secure sensing and communication in mission critical applications.

Drone Security

The global market for drones is expected to grow at CAGR of 20.5% from $14.1B in 2018 to $43.1B in 2024.

As the usage of drones increases for recreational and commercial applications, so does the potential for regulation breaches and the threats to the security of the public and of critical infrastructure. Traditional radars are not suited for emerging security applications requiring high-resolution detection, identification, and classification of small, fast-moving objects with horizontal and vertical coverage. Aura’s patented “HD-Perception” imaging radar has a high frame rate and is robust against interference, allowing it to track and identify even the smallest drones.

Traffic Management

Urban mobility will witness unprecedented change in the near future.

Air taxis and VTOL aircraft for human passengers, drones for package delivery and inspection applications, as well as ground-based autonomous vehicles are all expected to share the roads and airways. Our infrastructure must be upgraded to enable the safe and efficient management of all of these new traffic components.Aura’s digital imaging radar is an ideal solution for future urban traffic infrastructures. Our mmWave imaging radar technology serves as  a unified communication and perception system, supporting horizontal and vertical positioning and tracking in all weather conditions.

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