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High-resolution perception solution for emerging mobility

Our Vision

Aura Intelligent Systems was founded to realize the full potential of radar imaging for emerging new mobility applications. Built on 5G architecture with Aura’s patented technology, Aura’s “HD-Perception” radar is a disruptive high-resolution perception solution for mission critical radar applications.

The next decade will see unprecedented innovation in mobility with drones and autonomous vehicles

Increased use of drones, air taxis, and autonomous ground vehicles will bring with them safety, security and traffic management challenges. Perception sensors, particularly imaging radars, are becoming increasingly important for navigation, mapping, and 4D positioning in all weather and lighting conditions.

Aura’s patented technology provides high-performance 5D situational awareness without the harmful effects of interference, jamming and multipath. Built on a 5G hardware architecture with programmable intelligent software, our solution is massively scalable for the management and security of future mobility applications.


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